Caribbean Menu:

 Surinam peanut soup with tomato and celery

Sourdough bread with pumpkinseeds


Curry with chicken, paprika, pumpkin and
red pepper

Roasted corn cobs

Green winter salad with mango and avocado

Pacific Menu:

Carrot soup with noodles, ginger and pak choi

Sourdough bread with pumpkinseeds


Dengdeng agee:
Indonesian stew with beef and roasted coconut

Sang choy baw:
filled leave of iceberg lettuce with smoked tofu, water chestnuts, chestnut mushrooms, yacon, red pepper and fresh coriander

Atjar of red cabbage/sauerkraut

Catering Lunch Summer 2015


Mon: Maroccan Gazpacho of cucumber, fennel, spring-onion, tomato and basil, Quiche with broccoli and cheese, Green salad.
Thues: Vegetable soup with Lemaire-bread, Eggah: Egyptian eggtortilla with leek and pinepits, Green salad.
Wed: Harira: red-lentl soup with tomato, ginger and coriander served with Lemaire-bread and hummus, Vegetable curry of courgette, potato, butterbeans in coconutmilk stewed, Salad of paksoi.
Thurs: Macco di fave: Soup of broadbeans, cream and mint, Vegetable-roll filled with carrot, cucumber, beetroot, avocado, Tahin-soyadipsauce.
Fri: Brasilian streetfoodsnacks

Lunchbox Marin 25th of April 2015





2 pains du pistolet


1 slice of cheese (Gouda)


1 frittata (Spanish tortilla with courgette)

1 seasonal salad: turnip tops, radish, tomato, red onion and capers

1 cup of applejuice

All ingredients are organic and if possible sourced from local producers.

Disposables made of plants (BioFutura).