Catering Lunch Summer 2015


Mon: Maroccan Gazpacho of cucumber, fennel, spring-onion, tomato and basil, Quiche with broccoli and cheese, Green salad.
Thues: Vegetable soup with Lemaire-bread, Eggah: Egyptian eggtortilla with leek and pinepits, Green salad.
Wed: Harira: red-lentl soup with tomato, ginger and coriander served with Lemaire-bread and hummus, Vegetable curry of courgette, potato, butterbeans in coconutmilk stewed, Salad of paksoi.
Thurs: Macco di fave: Soup of broadbeans, cream and mint, Vegetable-roll filled with carrot, cucumber, beetroot, avocado, Tahin-soyadipsauce.
Fri: Brasilian streetfoodsnacks

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