Catering Birthparty 5th of April 2015



-Tabouleh of couscous, tomato, carrot, springonion and fresh mint, corander and parsley

-Pie with Galloway beef

-Quiche with spinach, bacon and mushrooms or

-Quiche with spinach, Brandrood-cheese and mushrooms

-Eggah: Egyptian eggtortilla with leek, bread and pineapple pits

-Red beetsalad with pear, avocado and Stroese Dame-fetacheese

-Paksoisalad wtih carrot, apple and paprika

-Turn topssalad with red onion with a dressing with capers and balsamico

Liberation Festival 27, 28 and 29th of March 2015


SOIL LIBERATION FESTIVAL 27,28 and 29th of March 2015 Ppauw Ekovillage Wageningen

During this weekend soil will be the central theme. Soils needs air and light but it was buried for years in this forest under the remains from the former hospital Pieter Pauw. We like to get all the bricks and stones out and start to build an edible forest.

It is time to let the soil live and be freed again in order to get a richer environment for everything and everybody who like growing in freedom!

For removing the stones it’s handy to take your own tools like crowbars, spades and forks.

There will be also workshops with readings (in Dutch) and there is live music on Saturday eveningfrom Trikosis (balkan-gipsy).

Other activities:

* seed and seedling swap

* kids programme: pottery of local soil

to make hanging gardens

workshop ‘Deep Eco”

Food and drinks are supplied by Capuchinha Catering.

Vegan lunch (3,50) and a vegan buffet (10,-). Coffee/tea and apple juice (1,-) , beer/wine (1,50), vegan chocolate cupcakes and apple pies (2,50).

Check the program on:

In order to know a little how many people will be coming, please register yourselves by email:

Lecture Wageningen University


My first lecture for the cyclus “Hungry for Waste”

organized by RUW, Boerengroep, WEP, Green Office, and ILEIA.

I spoke about how a restaurant chef deals with Food Waste in the kitchen. And how to reduce FoodWaste by closing the cycle by recycle.